About Us

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Wildfowling is the hunting of ducks, geese and waders in the often harsh environment of the intertidal marshes, mudflats and foreshore. The sport is regulated by the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, which prescribes the seasons and species of wild birds which may be hunted and the 1968 Firearms Act, which controls the possession and use of shotguns.

Below the mean high water mark the shooting season falls between the 1st September and 20th February and shooting normally takes place at dawn and dusk. Shooting may also be possible at other times in response to tidal conditions. Ducks and geese are a wild and wary quarry and it requires great skill and perseverance to outwit them. Often this can only be done when the weather is at its worst, and unlike most other estuary users, wildfowlers eagerly look forward to stormy or cold conditions which generate favourable wildfowling conditions.

The WWA owns foreshore sporting rights and manages consented sporting leases over approximately 17 miles of shoreline and intertidal areas of the River Kent Estuary in the North East of Morecambe Bay, a designated SSSI and SPA site. The quarry is mainly dabbling duck with mallard, teal, wigeon and pintail the most common, whilst  Greylag and Canada geese regularly feature in the bag with Pinkfeet a less commmon, but highly prized possibility. The Association also operates a rough and a driven shoot, three duck flighting syndicates, and one trout fishing syndicate on the Associations inland leases or on club owned assets.

The Association organises sporting, conservation and educational functions for its members such as an end of season dinner, clay pigeon shooting event and a gun dog scurry. It promotes marsh boundary walks for new members, encourages habitat improvement and conservation projects and takes part in promotional and educational events such as the Lowther Show, Westmorland County Show and the CLA gamefair. 

Our Objectives

  • To promote and protect wildfowling and conservation.
  • To foster interest in wildfowl, ornithology and native fauna.
  • To foster and encourage a spirit of friendship among members.
  • To encourage and educate members into responsible shooting practices.
  • To develop habitat and designate sanctuary areas for roosting and nesting wildfowl and other species.
  • To suppress poaching and other illegal practices.