If you are interested in joining the WWA what do you need to do ?

A membership application form is available to download on this page which should be completed and forwarded to the membership secretary. Applicants will then be contacted and advised of the waiting list situation. If you are interested in joining the WWA please e-mail the Secretary Neil Stevens 

All applicants must undergo the induction process, inductions are held twice a year in August and October. Subject to vacancies you will be invited to attend an interview with the committee during which you will be fully briefed and assessed on all aspects of the WWA and wildfowling including etiquette, safety, bird identification, tides etc. Shotgun certificates are also visually checked.

The applicant is then usually offered social membership for a probationary period of a minimum of 12 months.  At the end of that period the committee re-assesses the member with a view to offering full membership (or appropriate other category) provided that they have fulfilled their obligations to the induction process which includes 6 accompanied visits to the Associations main marshes.

Membership Categories

Full member
Full membership is open to individuals resident within the old county boundary of Westmorland. Full members may shoot on all club marshes, apply for permits to take guests on the marshes and are eligible to hold office in the WWA. They must have completed their induction process as a Social member before they can apply for upgrade to Full member (upgrade determined by the committee).

Social member
Social membership entitles the holder to shoot unaccompanied on a WWA specified marsh as decided by the committee, provided they have completed an initial induction process. Social members are permitted to shoot on other marshes if accompanied by a full member who holds a valid day ticket for them.  

Country member
There are no geographical boundaries for Country membership, members are permitted to shoot on all club marshes, but cannot take guests and may not hold office in the WWA. 

Supporter member
Supporter members have no shooting rights and may not hold office in the WWA

Young shots member (18 to 21)
Young shots are entitled to shoot on all club marshes provided they have completed the induction process.

Junior  member (17 or under)
Junior members are entitled to shoot on all club marshes provided they have completed an initial induction process and are accompanied by a full member or authorised country member.

The subscriptions of Full members shall be determined at the AGM on a vote of the membership, currently £120 for the 2020-2021 season.
A one off joining fee equivalent to the Full member subscription is payable on joining WWA.
Membership includes membership of BASC.

Fees for other categories of membership shall be:
  • Social Member 80% of Full Member
  • Country Member 200% of Full Member
  • Supporter Member 25% of Full Member
  • Young Shots aged 18 to 21 50% of Full Member
  • Junior Member under 18 BASC Subscription Fee only



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