Spring Corvid Shoot and Work Party


 A big thankyou to the Westmorland WA members who attended the annual February Crow shoot across the estuary and inland hinterlands. There was a noticable lack of carrion crows (only 21 corvids shot this year) around so it looks as though the clubs continued vermin control is paying off. Hopefully we will see more ducklings reach adulthood this year around the River Kent estuary. Intensive corvid control will also help the other wildlife around the bay including the skylark nests and other ground nesting birds that use the saltmarshes and local fields as nest sites. It was nice to see more members turn up for the annual duck tube maintenance work party at Ulpha. All the tuhes on the CWT site were restuffed with fresh hay in readiness of the mallard. The team managed to construct another 7 news tubes for the eastern side of the estuary as well as build some floating duckling creep feeders which will help feed the ducklings during the early months when food and insect life is in short supply.