Newsflash: WWA's new Land Purchase

See Photos in the Gallery (images by Stotty)

Just seven members of the WWA turned out for the work party at the WWA's new land purchase at Tarneybank Tarn at the weekend. A very disappointing show really. However those who did attend worked hard and achieved a great deal to install 60 metres of new posts and fencing which circumvented the landslip into Gilsmere Syke. Broken posts were replaced on our other two fences on the NW boundary and a new substantial bridge was built over the feeder stream to the Tarn. Three new stiles complete with 'dog access' gates were also installed having been pre-built by Michael Shepherd. Thanks goes to WWA Chairman Mark Shaw, WWA Treasurer Ian Valentine, Committee man Dave Coward and WWA members Bob Parsons, Keith Sharpe, John Wicks and Steve Marmion for their time, materials and equipment.  Committee man Kevin Bunting and his son Thomas (as well as Ian) had already put time in, coppicing Birch trees along the Western boundary to make way for tractor access and fencing. The brash was used to protect the stumps from deer grazing on any new growth. Two mallard nest tubes have been built and will be erected shortly on this wetland.   

Foot note:- The Wildlife Habitat Trust (WHT)  has granted a loan of £50,000 to Westmorland Wildfowlers’ Association (W.W.A) towards the purchase of 27 acres of land at Tarneybank Tarn near Killington, Cumbria. The land purchased by W.W.A. will expand the club’s shooting opportunities and conservation projects. The land will also be used to train new members and young people in good shooting practice and conservation work“