WWA Mallard Hen House Video

We have just created an in depth film using photographs and video footage of the W.W.A's nest tube project that we started back in 2011. Following the link below on You Tube to watch it. In it you'll see why these Hen Houses are called 'Mallard Factories'. We have monitored ours for 3 seasons now. The film takes us from the start of the project to the final moments when the first ducklings were witnessed and captured on HD film leaping out of the hen house after hatching. Quite a rare sight indeed!! We believe that this is the first time this has been recorded on video. We hope the film will inspire more wildfowling clubs, shooting syndicates and conservationists in the U.K. to erect these 'off ground' mallard nest tubes on their wetlands. Already there are probably 20 or more wildfowling clubs that have followed our story on facebook, and have adopted the idea of hen houses themselves. We are delighted to learn that many have had their own success stories already. Building hen houses is a lot of fun out of season. Young shots and juniors should get involved in a hen house project of their own.   
Please follow this link, sit back and enjoy...and then start planning your own clubs hen house project.