BASC sponsor WWA Gun Dog Scurry

Another successful WWA event run by Dave Coward at Ian Valentines Warth Wood, although the number of entrants and dogs was disappointing this year. This didn't quite do justice to the amount of effort involved to organise the event by the Committee members. The event was generously sponsored by BASC who provided 1st, 2nd and 3rd rosettes, lanyards and 2 beautiful trophies for the senior and junior winners. Chudleys provided prizes of dog food also.

Well done to Keith Sharpe and Tom Kay for taking 1st place in the Senior and Junior categories.  
Senior:  1. Keith Sharpe with Chester
               2. Mick Kay with Meg
               3. Mark Shaw with Drake

Junior:  1. Tom Kay with Meg
               2. Thomas Bunting with Gemma
               3. Thomas Bunting with Bounty

A big thanks goes to Ian Valentine for hosting it again this year, and for providing a wonderful BBQ and picturesque back drop to the scurry. Also thanks to our two judges Darren Dent and Ray Whitam.