Foulshaw Flashes Annual Maintenance


27th September 2014 

A 10 man W.W.A. work party armed with scythes, rakes & petrol trimmes began the annual task of clearing out the Foulshaw flashes as the wildfowling season gets under way. In two and half hours the main flash, opened in 2009,  was cleared of rushes that grow up to 2ft high in the wetland each year. A central island was left to provide loafing areas future visiting wildfowl and waders. The water depth ranges between a few inches to a foot depth in places. To expand the photographs go to the 'News' section of the website and view the article.     
The flashes are always maintained after the bird breeding season. Thanks to Ryan Teasdale, Stotty, Matt & Andy Burrow, Mark Eccles, Peter Cresswell, Andy Wilson, Kent Sherrington, Richard and Jack Depledge for all their hard work today.