New Marsh Signs for 2012

The WWA Chairman & Secretary have attended several evening meetings with representatives from the Morecambe Bay Partnership, Natural England, the RSPB and 3 other bay wildfowling associations. During discussions, the most commonly encountered problem faced by all parties was disturbance to the SSSI site by members of the public straying off the sea wall embankments and exercising their dogs on the saltmarshes around Morecambe Bay. It is so very important  that disturbance does not occur during the breeding season, when many ground nesting birds (lapwings, skylarks, redshank, oystercatchers) are laying eggs or have chicks on the saltings. These can be easily trampled underfoot and dogs will kill young chicks. The adults may abandon the nest if disturbed. The WWA in association with Natural England and the RSPB have created an educational sign that can be seen on all the access areas to St Johns and Milnthorpe marshes. The RSPB have said that it is hoped that the sign can be generically used right across the Bay. A huge thanks to all those people who have contributed to this pilot project, whether it be materials or manpower. Please warden these marshes on behalf of your association. We have the backing of the RSPB and Natural England.  Go to the 'News' header at the top of the page to expand the photographs. So far we have had 2 of these signs stolen by the 'law abiding' public in the first 2 weeks of them being erected..The local constabulary have been notified. Anyone caught removing these signs will face prosecution and a criminal record for criminal damage. We have now secured the signs with clear perspex covers which, so far, has stopped the thefts. far there is a noticable reduction in the number of people wandering across the saltmarshes, which can only benefit the ground nesting birds on these marshes!!  Thank you for your support.