460 WWA mallard now fitted with BASC leg rings

2011 is the WWA's second year of tagging our mallard with the uniquely numbered metal BASC leg rings. Seven WWA members assisted the two WWA ringing officers with their task of ringing 400 game farm reared mallard. These were collected from a game farm in Preston by Committee member Kevin Bunting. Kevin's son Thomas (WWA Junior member) once again willingly gave up his Saturday to help his Association. Many thanks to you both! Leg rings were carefully fitted onto each bird, ensuring the ring closed smoothly and was freely rotating. The individual ring numbers and release point will now be returned to BASC's Wildfowling Department by the WWA's Hon Secretary. 75 mallard were released on a wetland in North Lancashire and 325 were released onto Tarns, Ponds and Drainage dykes in South Cumbria. All released birds will be supplementary fed until they become free flying.  A further 60 mallard have already been ringed and released making a total of 460 mallard releases in 2011 in addition to the 300 ringed last year in June 2010.

Several members between them incubated and reared an impressive 60 mallard this year at no cost to the club. Stotty also bought an extra 50 mallard from Jim Clarkes.