WWA Barkin House Trout Fishing


 Applications for  Fishing at Barkin House Tarn are now open.

All  Fishermen must have insurance via their BASC membership or become members of the Anglers Trust ( £25).

Fishing will be permitted from 1st of February to 31st July and restricted times in August.  A full set of rules will be provided by Keith  Sharpe and  posted at the tarn.

As the price of fish has steadily increased the standard cost for a WWA member will be £70 this year.

Non WWA members may also apply to fish the Tarn and will be charged an additional £25 to cover insurance by the Anglers trust. (£95 in total).

By increasing the number of Fisherman we should have sufficient funds to have two stockings, the first around the end of March and a further stocking in May.

Applications to Ian Valentine, Rosegarth, Stainton LA8 0AD.  Tel 015395 60272 evening. Preferably e-mailhim at warthwood1@gmail.com and pay your subs directly into our account.

Bank details obtained from Ian Valentine. 
As soon as you have paid you can start fishing.

 Tight Lines.